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App Idea March 16, 2017

App take picture with frame of 8 ½” x 11″ for taking picture of document.

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February 15, 2017

This fully transparent solar cell could make every window and screen a power source


Commercial Building

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Even tho you lose, you still have the experience 🙂
Au Minh Peter Hai : Quote

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My Idea. February 14, 2017

Notes App on mobile devices, add delimiter by swiping left or right of the screen.

NIOH PS4 – AI could be better Bot unattached the main character controller health, game ends when character controller deplete it health

Bone Conduction sound/vibration – Life Force

3D transparence display, (Minus apple icon)

Umbrella holder in a vehicle.


Sound IQ test – speed of voice – measuring brain processing speed – enhance brain processing with practice comprehension.

GhosT-OLED clock – Cuboid

Body Suit full sound/vibration game experience using bone conduction speaker.

Neck cervix; collum – bond conduction headphone – hidden – all purpose use

Thorium Battery – The future.

Message/legal document secure by attaching finger print scan signature.

Weight Scale with foot identification – App to track family weight.

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February 12, 2017

PS4 AND X-BOX1 bottleneck each other, PC should have full control, don’t know why PC look lower then the other two.  >>

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System administrator has prevented installation on blackberry world November 3, 2016

Solve by factory reset by terminal – work like a charm!!!

How to reset the BlackBerry smartphone to factory defaults

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Good Perspective!! September 23, 2016

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Google+ Feedback August 18, 2016

Seen like no where to leave a feed back when using IOS – Google+ link when it on Safari, but able to on Google Map App.  Testing on Android, but need somewhere to post link to test it so use my blog.

Just figure out hyper link can be embedded, taking it off by copy and paste it here.  Then use the texted text and create a new hyperlink.

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Selling Cell Phone Motherboard on Ebay August 12, 2016

Here are my listing for my available motherboard.

Samsung Note 3 N900W8 Motherboard 

Samsung S4 I337M Motherboard

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Design E-Mail Signature with Logo August 10, 2016

Design E-Mail Signature for my business logo.


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