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My Idea. February 14, 2017

Notes App on mobile devices, add delimiter by swiping left or right of the screen.

NIOH PS4 – AI could be better Bot unattached the main character controller health, game ends when character controller deplete it health

Bone Conduction sound/vibration – Life Force

3D transparence display, (Minus apple icon)

Umbrella holder in a vehicle.


Sound IQ test – speed of voice – measuring brain processing speed – enhance brain processing with practice comprehension.

GhosT-OLED clock – Cuboid

Body Suit full sound/vibration game experience using bone conduction speaker.

Neck cervix; collum – bond conduction headphone – hidden – all purpose use

Thorium Battery – The future.

Message/legal document secure by attaching finger print scan signature.

Weight Scale with foot identification – App to track family weight.

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